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Do I have to pay a deposit?
On arrival you will be asked to pay a deposit of which is refundable providing you leave your accommodation clean and tidy as you found it.
How can I make payment?
You can pay your holidays:

1. Credit Card
Through the
customer login on our webiste, you can easily log in with your travelconfirmation- and customer no. and pay the payment via Credit Card.
For payment by credit card there will be administration fee of 2.25%.

2. Money Transfer
If you wish to pay by bank transfer  you are liable to pay all charges incurred in the transaction. Please quote your personal booking reference number.

Banking Details
18 High Street

Sort code: 52-41-19
Account number.: 43137857
Account name: DBF Travel Ltd

IBAN: GB17NWBK52411943137857

For security reasons we are not able to make payment over the phone.
Last minute bookings
Travel requests made less than 8 weeks before departure, we consider last minute bookings.
This means that the total travel price is to be paid immediately. The accommodation can be booked only after receiving the full payment. The amount can be transferred by credit card though our website.
When we received and checked the booking, your booking will be confirmed through a travel confirmation that you will receive by e-mail.

Please note: your booking is not final until you have received this travel conformation!!
What are the terms of payment?
The first payment is due within 3 days after receiving the booking confirmation, which you will receive per e-mail. The first payment is 25% of the total price. The remaining amount must be paid 8 weeks before departure.

Last minute bookings
Travel requests which are less than 8 weeks before departure we consider a last minute booking. This means that the total price is to be paid directly through credit card. The accommodation can be booked only after receiving the payment. If not available the amount will be returned ASAP.
What if I change my mind after I made a booking?
Until 15 days before departure you can cancel your booking free of charge within 3 days after you have made your booking.

For bookings departing within 14 days (last minute), you can cancel within 24 hours against 20% cancellation fee. Outside these 24 hours we will charge 100% cancellation fee.

In all cases we need an written confirmation that you'd liek to cancel. You can send this by email to info@luxcamp.co.uk
When do I receive my final travel documents?
Your final travel documents (voucher) will be sent to you once we have received the full payment. You will receive the documents at least 2 weeks prior to departure by email.
You will need to print your voucher and bring it with you on your holidays.
Questions about your booking
Are there any extra costs?
The use of electricity, water and gas are included in the price of the booked accommodation.
Tourist tax is not included in the price. For bookings with Al Fresco and Venue Holidays you prepay the tax. For other providers you pay it when you arrive at the campsite (this is usually € 0.50 - € 2.00 per person per night).

For all bookings you have to pay a deposit.
With some providers air conditioning is included, but for example with Al Fresco this additional option.
You can also add extras to your booking (sheets, aircon, baby kit, etc.), the charges are mentioned on the booking form.
Can I add a preference?
Special request for example a certain location or to be allocated next to your travelling friends or family, can be added in the comment box.
Please be aware that we can only pass on your preference, but we cannot guarantee this!
Can I book a pitch for my own mobile home or tent?
The book or reserve a pitch for your caravan, camper or tent is not possible at LUX-camp. We only offer fixed mobile homes and tents on campsites.
To make a booking for a pitch you should contact the desired campsite directly.
How does the booking system work?
Booking for an accommodation can be made online by going through the booking process on the website, this is free of charge.

You select the destination, mobile home of your choice and the desired travel period, then click on "Book".
You will be automatically redirected to our checkout page. You enter on this page, your personal data and any extra services. Then choose your preferred payment method. Required fields are marked with an *.
Before you hit the "book" button (or "pay now" in case of last minute), you must agree to our terms and conditions by ticking the box. Please read this carefully!
The reservation request is sent to the employees of LUX-camp where the booking will be checked. When you recieve your travel confirmation from us your booking is final.

Telephone and online applications are final once you are in possession of the booking confirmation which you will receive by email. THis email will be sent within one working day.
If the reservation between Monday and Friday will be conducted during business hours you will receive confirmation same or next working day. If the reservation request occurs at the weekend or bank holidays you will receive the confirmation the next working day.
What is a booking request?
When you book your reservation though our website is this at first a booking request.
We recieve your preferred booking, after which the reservation is checked. If the booking is available, you will receive a booking confirmation as soon as possible. The booking is from then on a contract.

Once the booking is confirmed by the provider, this can only be canceled in accordance with our terms and conditions. If the application can not be confirmed by the provider, your request will be canceled. Any paid fees be refunded in full.
What is the maximum capacity of the mobile home?
The accommodations, which are mediated by LUX-camp may be used only by the persons listed on the booking confirmation.

On our website you will find what the maximum capacity per mobile home type is. Please be aware that children and babies are considered persons as well.
Extra Services
Booking of additional services
You can select different extras like bedlinen, babypacks and air conditioning at the booking page of LUX-camp,
You have the opportunity until 14 days before departure to book these services, then this is only possible on request.
We encourage you to add extras immediately to your booking. Sometimes you'll be able to request them on-site as well, but keep in mind that the charges might be higher.
Do I need to bring my own towels and linens?
You can choose to bring your own linens and towels or you have the possibility to add them to your booking. The prices are mentioned at the extra's section of the booking form.
Please note: the linen packages are not exchanged/replaced during your stay. Tea-towels and cloths are not provided.
Is aircondition included?
If air conditioning is included, you can find it back on the right side of your booking form.
Air conditioning is not included for some accommodations.

When air conditioning is not included it will be mentioned at the accommodation type information, and you can therefore also select this at the extras on your booking form.

In most mobile homes of Al Fresco and Happy Camp aircon is available, but this always needs to be added to your booking, it is not inclusive.
The cost are usually between 3 and 8 pounds per day.
What does the baby pack contain?
At Al Fresco, you can choose between two packages:
- Baby Package: cot (without mattress), high chair, bath, socket covers, baby gate on terrace
- Baby Package 2 (toddler):  booster step, rubber backed mattress cover, bed guard, socket covers, terrace gate and night light

At Homair and Venue Holidays the babypack provides: Baby bed, chair and bath.

Please note: cot linens are not provided and need to be booked extra
Questions about the accomodation
Where barbecues are provided (see individual accomodation descriptions), it will be gas or charcoal depending on the individual parc regulations. Please note the use of barbecues may be restricted or withdrawn for safety reasons without prior notification.
Can I book final cleaning?
The cleaning of the accommodation for the tenant and can (in most cases) not be booked.
The accommodation must be left clean, the dishes must be done and the waste to be thrown out. When the cleaning of the property is not carried out sufficiently, the staff may not return (part of) your deposit.
At some campsites, you can ask local workers to clean the accommodation against a fee, please ask locally about this option.
Do the mobile homes have duvets?
There are no duvets present in the mobile homes. However, there are blankets (thick fleece material) or bedspreads available to keep you warm.
TIP: If you bring your own linen, a blanket or bedspread will often fit in a duvet cover.
I am bringing my own bedlinen; what are the bed sizes?
The bed sizes are up to 160x200 for the doublesize bed and 80x200 for a single bed. The sofa in the living room is often a single or double of 70x190 or 140x190.

Exceptions are the double beds in the Rossini Riviera Suites at camping El Delfin Verde Marina d'Erba Rossa; these are 200x200
Kitchen equipment
The kitchens in the bungalows or mobile homes are always equipped with at least a cooker or hob and a fridge. Glasses, cups, plates and cutlery are available for the maximum number of persons permitted in the accomodation There is a basic set of pots and pans. You can view a detailed description of your accommodation in 'inventory'.
Up to 8 days prior to departure you can cancel your booking free of charge within 3 days after you have made your booking.

Outside this period cancellation fees apply:
* More than 46 days before departure: 20%
* Between 45-36 days before departure: 50%
* Between 35-3 days before departure: 80%
* 2 days until departure / no show: 100%

Last-minute bookings are subject to the cancellation charges as described above. The 3-day free cancellation period for last minute bookings does not apply.

Cancellations can only be accepted in writing. Please send your cancellation to:
Email: info@lux-camp.co.uk
Do you also provide a general travel insurance?
LUX-Camp does not provide travel insurance. We do advise however that you arrange travel insurance and check if they cover what you need (cover for illness, damage or accident).
Do you provide trip cancellation insurance?
You can choose the security package of LUX-camp (incl. cancellation insurance) when making your booking. The security package covers only cancellations prior to departure.

You can cancel your trip up to14 days prior to departure without reason. Within 14 days of departure you are able to cancel your trip up to 1 day prior to departure (before 12.00). In this case we do need recieve a doctors certificate.
More information on the security pack you'll find here

We can only cancel your trip when we recieve a written confirmation which you can send to info@lux-camp.co.uk
How much does the security pack cost?
The security pack costs 2% of the total price of your holidays.
Is my payment secure?
DBF Travel AG / Lux-Camp is a Swiss based company therefore to protect the money of our clients DBF Travel AG has an insolvency and bankruptcy insurance with the Guarantee Fund of the Swiss Travel Industry.
Arrival and departure
Can I arrive earlier than the time mentioned at my voucher?
Unfortunately it is not possible to have acces to your mobile home earlier than the time mentioned at your voucher, also not against an extra fee.
If you arrive earlier than the check-in time in most cases you are able to use the campsites facilities (i.e. swimmingpool).
Can I bring my dog?
Only at selected campsites it is possible to bring your dog, you are able to select this at the booking form.
Please bear in mind that it could be possible that dogs are allowed at the campsite ifself but that the provider does not allow pets in the mobile homes.

The mobile homes of Al Fresco and Easy-a-tent are all pet-free, in none of the accomodations are pets allowed.
Does LUX-Camp have staff on-site?
LUX-Camp has no staff on site.
The mobile homes we offer are managed by our suppliers. The staff of the provider of your mobile home take care of the service at the campsite. The local representatives speak at least English and often also German or French.
What time can I check-in and check-out?
The check-in is between 16.00 and 19.00 unless otherwise stated in the travel documents.
Guests are requested to vacate the property by 10.00 am on the day of departure.

Should your arrival differ from the check-in times, please inform us or the campsite. The telephone number is mentioned on your voucher.
Where do I check-in?
With the travel documents you receive also directions to the site.
All of our providers, like Al Fresco and Homair, have their own desk or office where the check-in will take place.
In most cases you can proceed to the campsite's reception, where you will find the representatives. If this is not the case, the reception of the campsite will direct you to the right place.
Where will we be allocated?
The allocation of your accommodation will be made locally by the staff on-site.
You wil lfind out the location of your accommodation when checking-in, we do not get this information.

However, we can (if available) send a map indicating the general location of the mobile homes and tents per provider.
Practical Information
Bedlinen and towels
With most providers you are supposed to bring your own bedding and towels. At most sites, it is also possible to rent towels and bed linen. The average price is around € 15- € 20,- (prebooked and paid on site) or £10,- to £20,- (when prepayed) per package.
Bed linen and towels can also be included in the price.
Booking confirmation
You are responsible to check the documents received from LUX-camp for the right information.
When in doubt, please always contact the staff of LUX-camp by email stating your booking confirmation number.
Children's entertainment
Most campsites host their own Children’s Clubs and attendance is subject to availability due to maximum occupancy levels. Please note that we have no control over their operation, therefore it is crucial that you are satisfied with the arrangements when registering at any of the Children's Clubs or any other childcare facilities in resort.
All Children’s Clubs can refuse to accept any child whose behaviour is considered unacceptable or disruptive or any child who will not settle and is clearly unhappy.
Distance and pictures
Please note that the distance from the center, shops, beach, etc. is indicative and may vary. This depends on the location of the mobile homes.
The photos and maps of the accommodations are there as an indication of the mobile home types. Differences (eg color and format) herein are possible, no rights can be derived.
Lost items
Please carefully take care of your valuables when you leave the property.
Unfortunately, it is possible that not all lost items are found and unable to find objects are not reimbursed. Against a fee LUX-camp can let the local staff check the property. If your belongings are found they will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Basically there is only parking for one car per booking, the parking is not included in the price. There is in most cases a possibility to park close to the site (this can be against a fee).
Rules and regulations
The tenant / customer is obliged to respect the rules of the campsite. Asks for the T&C of the campsite at the reception. The accommodations are rented by LUXcamp can be used only indicated by the persons listed in the travel documents. When there is a change, please inform us before your departure.
On many holiday parcs Lycra swimming trunks/shorts must be worn rather than Bermuda type swimwear. We recommend that customers take swimming trunks on holiday instead of swimming shorts. Some parcs also insist on swimming hats (available locally), being worn in the pool.

Please check directly with the campsites for their rules and regulations in regards to the swimmingpool.
Tourist tax
It is mandatory to pay a tourist tax at your destination
This tax is for the municipality of the destination and it must usually be paid at the campsite. If you have paid in advance when making your booking this is shown on your booking confirmation and travel voucher.
The tax is between € 0.50 and € 2.00 per person per day. Children do not have to pay tax in some places or they get a discount.
Travel documents (voucher)
After you made your booking all documents will be send by e-mail to the specified email address.
Your voucher must be brought along on the trip. If your trip includes some forms of transport, purchased by LUXcamp, these documents must also be brought.
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