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Camping in Sardinia

Camping in the Tropical Island of Sardinia
The bueautiful Island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean. Sardinia has a varied landscape of hilly mountainscapes, rocky coastline and long and beautiful white sandy beaches. Luxury camping doesn't get much better than the options available on the beautiful island of Sardinia. Full text
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Sardinia, Italy

Interesting Facts about Sardinia

Why would I want to Choose Sardinia as a Location for a Luxury Camping Holiday?
  • Enjoy some family fun with the tallest sand dunes in Europe at the Dunes of Piscinas (aka Little Sahara Desert)
  • Travel 159 kilometres on the Little Green Train and get to enjoy the beauty of Sardinia in style – perfect for couples, families, and train enthusiasts
  • Explore the superb beaches in Sardinia such as Cala Brandinchi, Cala Luna, Is Arutus, and Porto Pino
  • Learn about unique culture of this island and explore some fascinating relics of the past such as the Nuraghi (ancient stone huts)
  • Enjoy the nightlife at Cagliari, Alghero, or Olbia
  • Experience a romantic camping holiday with visits to the charming town of Castelsardo and the islands of La Maddalena
The ancient stone huts on the island are believed to date back to as long as 2000 BC, so there have been humans living on the island since at least that time. Over the centuries, different cultures tried to absorb Sardinia including the Romans, Phoenicia, Byzantine Empire, Vandals, and Goths. It was part of an independent state called the Kingdom of Sardinia between the 14th and 19th Century, and this later grew to become modern Italy. There are currently about 1.6 million people living on the island. Its Mediterranean climate, stunningly beautiful beaches, and rural beauty make it the perfect location for a luxury camping site holiday.

Beaches and Nature in Sardinia

The interior of the island is sure to impress nature lovers and these rural areas are hauntingly rugged. Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park is exceptionally beautiful, and you can explore these islands by boat.
The island of Sardinia offers unbeatable natural beauty with its rocky coastline dotted with plentiful sandy beaches. The most popular spots for sun worshipers would include Cala Luna, Oasis Bidderosa, and Is Arutus, but there are also many less well-known beaches if you are looking for some privacy.

The Most Popular Campsites in Sardinia

Camping L'ultima Spiaggia
Lultima Spiaggia holiday camping site is the right option if you are looking to escape the pressure of modern living. It is located next to the sea, and there is also an on-site water park with four pools. There is also an outdoor disco which is just far enough away from the camping village to limit noise pollution. Lultima Siaggia also has numerous sporting activities.
Camping Baia Blu La Tortuga
This impressive campsite directly overlooks the beach, and it is a great choice for tourists who enjoy water sports. There is a diving centre on-site as well as the option of sailing and wind surfing. Baia Blu La Tortuga is a good base for exploring the Maddalena Archipelago.

Food and Attractions

Attractions in Sardinia
You should make time to relax and enjoy some camping luxury, but it is also nice to go exploring around the island. Some of the most notable attractions would include the ancient stone huts (Nuraghi), Museo del Carbone (Museum of Carbonia), Gola di Gorropu (nature walk in a deep gorge), and Su Nuraxi Barumini (ancient ruins). There are plenty of family beaches on Sardinia, and there are other attractions kids will enjoy such as the wild ponies on the Giara Plateau, Diverland (huge water park), and huge sand dunes at Piscinas.
Food, Drink and Culture
Sardinia may be part of Italy, but it has its own unique culture. Some of the most popular local food dishes would include gallina al mirto (boiled hen), burrida, favata (type of stew), culingiones, and cassouela. As far as beverages go, Sardinia is probably best known for Cannonau, which is a type of red wine produced in local vineyards. Beer is also popular on the island with the most popular brand being Ichnusa. Coffee is the most popular non-alcoholic beverage.
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