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Camping in Picardy, France

Camping located in the northern portion of France.
Picardy is a region located in the northern portion of France - the perfect spot for camping holiday. Tracing its history back at least to the Middle Ages, Picardy is now a very popular holiday camping destination thanks to its diverse geography and beaches located within the Somme district. Full text
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Picardy, France

About Picardy

A Brief Look at Picardy
The culture of Picardy is quite unique within France and this region is home to some of the most splendid examples of Gothic architecture in Europe.  Another interesting feature is that its geography is extremely varied.  Some may choose a luxury camping resort close to the beach while others could instead prefer a location found within a tranquil pine forest or close to one of the many lakes which dot the region.  From the rolling green pastures located in central Picardy to the famous vineyards which border the nearby region of Champagne, there are certainly a number of choices for any upcoming camping holiday.
Why Should I Camp in Picardy?

  • An agreeable continental climate.
  • Countless hectares of forests and woodlands.
  • Sandy beaches that embrace the shores of the Atlantic.
  • A choice of holiday camping sites perfect for the entire family.

The Most Popular Campsites in Picardy

Domaine de Drancourt
This family-oriented holiday camping site offers all of the conveniences of home within splendid natural settings.  Activities such as football, fishing, tennis and sailing are all possible.  As this resort is quite close to battlefields of the First World War, there is a considerable amount of history to appreciate. Please contact LUX-camp for enquiries regarding luxury mobile homes.
La Bien Assise
This luxury camping site provides its guests with a choice of high-quality mobile homes that are located on private pitches.  Although it is found close to the Eurotunnel from Europe to England, nature and wildlife abound.  Other aspects of camping luxury to be enjoyed here are free Internet, on-site restaurants and numerous leisure activities.

Beaches, Nature & Cities

Cities in Picardy
The three largest cities within Picardy are Aisne, Oise and Somme.  Other urban districts not to be missed include Amiens, Laon, Noyon, Chanuy and Soissons.  Many of these locations boast spectacularly unique architecture and visiting such cities during any camping holiday will provide a stunning glimpse into the past.
Beaches and Nature in Picardy
Many luxury camping sites are close to the beaches found within the northern area of Picardy.  This coastline borders the English Channel.  The shores are notable for their fine sands and private settings.  There are numerous lakes within this region and as opposed to other areas within northern France, mountains are replaced with verdant green pastures and gently rolling hills.

Attractions & Culture

Food, Drink and Culture
Picardy is known to have a very proud cultural identity.  The people here are quite friendly and open.  Courtesy is common and guests of any luxury camping resort will feel completely at home.  The gastronomy here is likewise fascinating.  Hearty meals from locally produced foods will provide opportunities to taste some amazing dishes.  Thanks in part to the nearby vineyards, the wines and champagnes here are said to be some of the best in the world.
Attractions in Picardy
Some of the major attractions to enjoy when staying at any holiday camping site include the Laon Cathedral, the Chateau de Chantily, the Beauvais Cathedral, the Picardy Museum and the massive Aisne-Marne International Cemetery.


Weather and Climate
Summers here tend to be shorter and cooler when compared to other parts of France.  Winters are more wet than cold while inland regions can pick up a good deal of snow.  Due to the constant influx of moisture from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, temperatures as well as weather conditions can vary dramatically.
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