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Camping in the Pyrénées

All about camping in the Pyrénées - find all the best campsites
The Pyrénées is a mountain range found between the borders of Spain and France. Not only does this majestic region boast some of the most spectacular views on the planet, but there are a host of luxury camping sites to be enjoyed. To learn more in regards to a camping holiday here, please speak with a representative at LUX-camp as soon as possible. Full text
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Pyrénées, France

An Overview of a Camping Holiday in the Pyrénées

A Closer Look at the Pyrénées Region
This mountain range was formed from the collision of the European and African tectonic plates.  With peaks as high as 3,404 metres, hikers and adventure enthusiasts have been arriving here for hundreds of years.  However, its location quite close to the Mediterranean Sea also affords agreeable temperatures at lower altitudes.  This is the reason that major cities such as Narbonne and Montpellier are found within an agreeable distance.  Other historic sites including the massive castle complex at Carcassonne are attractions not to be missed.  The selection of holiday camping sites here abounds.  Guests will be delighted by the mobile homes on offer. Many of these sites are open throughout the year.
Why Should I Choose a Holiday Camping Site in the Pyrénées?

  • A variety of climates to enjoy.
  • A proximity to cities such as Montauban, Toulouse and Narbonne.
  • Excellent for outdoor adventures.
  • A prime destination for those who enjoy skiing.

The Most Popular Camping Sites in the Pyrénées

Le Pré Lombard
This luxury camping site is located in the foothills of the Pyrénées and straddles the Ariege River.  Its 210 pitches are equipped with modern mobile homes and there are countless activities to enjoy.  These include miniature golf, volleyball, bicycle hire, skiing and cross-country skiing.  There is also a ski lift conveniently found only 15 kilometres from this luxury camping resort.
Airotel Pyrénées
Camping luxury is never a concern when visiting Airotel Pyrénées.  Offering guests 70 private pitches, this is a perfect camping holiday for the entire family.  Amenities such as wireless Internet, dedicated power supplies and waste disposal areas will provide the ultimate level of comfort during any stay.  Activities including skiing, hiking and bicycle riding are all possibilities.  There is a thermal bath located only 2 kilometres away from this luxury camping site.

Beaches, Nature & Cities in the Pyrénées

Cities in the Pyrénées
Besides offering some amazing luxury camping sites, there are several cities within the Pyrénées worth visiting.  Toulouse can trace its roots back to the Middle Ages while Monpellier is a coastal city known for its mild temperatures.  Narbonne, Carrcassonne, Tarbes and Montauban are other large urban areas famous for culture as well as their cuisine.
Beaches and Nature in the Pyrénées
The Pyrénées region boasts some truly amazing beaches; most found along the Côte Vermeille (Vermillion Coast).  These Mediterranean waters tend to be quite warm.  Nature abounds within this region.  There are tens of thousands of hectares of land that are still unexplored.  While the chances of spotting a bear are slim, there are other mammals worth noting such as peregrine falcons, deer and wild boars.

Culture & Weather

Weather and Climate
The weather here will vary depending upon one's location and elevation.  A camping holiday close to the coast will offer a warm and dry climate while locations inland are known for a continental feel; cooler and wetter during the winter.  These numerous options have allowed the Pyrénées to be popular for those who are looking for a luxury camping experience that offers numerous choices in terms of the weather.
Food, Drink and Culture
This southern portion of France is known for an eclectic mixture of foods that have been influenced by Spanish cuisine.  The diet here is predominantly Mediterranean while locally grown meats and breads are considered delicacies.  The Pyrénées region is also known for its selection of fine wines.
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