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Camping on the Adriatic Coast

Mobile homes and tents at all the best campsites on the Adriatic Coast
Choosing a luxury camping site on the Italian Adriatic Coast is a great idea for a holiday, as it is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. With plentiful glorious sun-kissed beaches inviting turquoise water, it has all the amenities and entertainment you need to make your holiday absolutely fantastic. Full text
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Adriatic Coast, Italy

Why the Adriatic Is so Popular

Why Should I Camp on the Adriatic Coast?

  • Luxury at fantastic prices
  • Fun for adults and children
  • Stunning beaches and views
  • A perfect holiday climate
  • Delicious locale cuisine
  • Easy day trip to Venice
The Adriatic coastal region is a hit with holidaymakers due to the pristine beaches, warm waters and natural surroundings, including mountains in some areas. With Etruscan, Illyrian and Greek settlements in ancient times, followed by the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, as well as many others in between, this part of the Mediterranean has a history to boast. With the combination of camping fun, a strong history and perfect surroundings and climate, it is easy to see why the Adriatic Coast welcomes so many visitors year after year.

The Most Popular Campsites in Adria

Camping Union Lido
A camping holiday in Union Lido will not be forgotten so quickly. With so much greenery right on the beach, it is its own paradise. The owners of the site treat all their guests as royalty, and their home-made ice cream is a treat not to be missed, as well as the fruit grown in the site's own orchards.
Camping Marina di Venezia
This is a prime example of luxury camping. With a range of luxury bungalows to choose from, campers can expect to meet all of their holiday needs. An onsite doctor ensures that all guests are taken care of and there are enough shopping facilities to meet all requirements. What children will find the most appealing, however, is the modern aquapark, located right next to the beach, so the little ones will be spoilt for choice when it comes to swimming possibilities.

Camping Pra' Delle Torri
This luxurious camping site also has a fabulous waterpark right on the beach. Mobile homes, bungalow tents and luxury tents are all available here, and another great attraction is its 18-hole golf course. Barbecuing is allowed for those so inclined, but the neighbouring Venetian town of Caorle lets tourists indulge in the local cuisine on a stunning harbour setting.

Beaches and Nature in Adria

Adding to that, Lake Garda will never be too far away from a camping site and it would be a shame not to visit Italy's largest lake. The Garda Lake is only a 90 minute drive away.
The beaches in Adria are spotlessly clean, and there are always amenities nearby. All of Lux-Camp's chosen camping sites maintain the beaches to the highest standards, allowing for the best experiences of the region's natural assets. Most camp sites offer snorkelling and scuba-diving, so the beauty of the region beneath the waves can also be appreciated.

Attractions in Adria

Any holiday to the region should take advantage of the local attractions. Venice will be the on the top of any list, as one cannot return from a holiday without having visited this unique city on the sea. Verona stages open-air operas in its arena, so check if any events are on during your stay. The town of Caorle also comes highly recommended; a 1,000-year old cathedral can be found here, along with many masterpieces of Italian artwork.

Food & Weather

Weather and Climate
Hot dry summers have an average temperature of between 26 and 30 degrees, and the sea is close to 26 degrees. The winters are mild, and there are around 5 days of rain each month during summer, and 9 in the winter.
Food, Drink and Culture
Sumptuous food is a strong part of Italian culture, as is a daily glass of wine. From simple pasta dishes to exquisite strong, spicy and sweet options, this Mediterranean cuisine is loaded with fresh produce, and is one of the healthiest in the world. Italy is renowned for its enormous variety of wines which are very reasonably priced!

History of the Adria / Venetian Coast

The Adriatic region spans an illustrious history with Greek colonisation dating back to the 6th Century BC. In 246 BC, the influence of the Roman economy and military power resulted in a naval base in Brindisi. Later, after the fall of the Roman Empire at the start of the middle Ages, the coasts of the Adriatic were under the domination of the Byzantine Empire until its destruction in 1453.
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